all that we see

by Mary Beth Bass

Reviled and unwanted, Thalia Salic is an Invisible, and soon she and her friends and Soulmate will be the key to righting the wrongs of the world beyond the trees.


On the other side of our trees is a place of magic and energy. And love. Everyone there has a defining power, but the Soulmate bond is universal—and unassailable. Or so say the Ones in Power.

They speak a lie. Like here on Earth, in the Commonworld there are those reviled and unwanted, like Thalia Salic, whose only crime is being Invisible. There are those persecuted for their parentage, like Sfodro Vatic. There are those who coveted for their knowledge, like nine-year-old Sandy Mathews. There are the Worthless and the Loveless, and there are those who oppose evil, like Emma. In no world can we help what we’re born. We can’t always understand who we love. We can only decide how we’re going to live.