K.D. Van Brunt

About K.D. Van Brunt

KD is an attorney who, while growing up, moved around a lot before settling down on a ranch outside the town of Nespelem, Washington on the Colville reservation. Today, he lives in the great state of Maryland with his standard poodle, Aloy.

KD has published numerous young adult books as well as an eclectic mix of short stories. He has won awards for his stories and gained favorable recognition for his writing. In his spare time he enjoys road trips, hockey, and anything to do with poodles.

Books by This Author

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Adventures on the Road to Me
Adventures on the Road to Me
  • Adventures on the Road to Me
  • by K.D. Van Brunt
  • Using the oldest trick in the grifter bible—love—West faces her toughest scam yet: swindle her latest target out of his inheritance without him stealing her...
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