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Hidden Gems

An Inconvenient Wedding
Tying the Knot

When Lauren Anderson agrees to take on the unlikely function of wedding planner to support her failing homestead, she has no clue it would be for her ex - the love of her life - Asher Wolf. Plunged into the world of cakes, flowers, venues, and broken promises, Lauren creates the picture-perfect fantasy...for another woman.

Asher Wolf vows to make his wedding an event to remember, but he certainly doesn't expect his ex to be the woman planning the special day. Spending time with Lauren brings back memories, and he's reminded of feelings he's sure he'd buried. Nothing goes as he imagined it would, but everything winds up being exactly as it was meant to be.

Abandoned Hearts
Leaning Toward the Light

Finally free from her abusive ex, Claire Stone accepts a job as a live-in nurse in the small beach-side town of Busselton, Western Australia. A new life is exactly what she needs. Move away, move on, forget. If only things were that simple. Even the intriguing but abrasive son of her new patient can’t shield her from relentless memories.

Michael Karalis is watching his mother die while battling his ex-wife for custody of his five year old son. He’s bitter, broken, and distrustful, but Claire becomes a light in his world, despite his reservations. Two broken souls need to learn to trust again and open their hearts or they'll never find the love they both need.

Getting to Know You

Maggie Mooha

Maggie's always been a storyteller. When she was little, she used to tell her sister stories before they went to sleep. It never occurred to her she'd try her hand at writing her own stories. Some time ago someone called her “an insatiable romantic.” She hopes that's still true.

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Maggie Mooha