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Special Edition

In the Eye of the Beholder A Young Man's Fancy
In the Eye of the Beholder

Brokenhearted, Eleanor becomes a nurse at the British Army hospital in Scutari, and finds love in the midst of the horror of war.
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A Young Man's Fancy

An anthology with five Contemporary Young Adult and New Adult stories about the lives and loves of incredible young men.
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Darkness Within Earth Shattering
Darkness Within

So not what she expected - Aideen's descent into darkness might lead her to a brighter future than she could've ever imagined.
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Earth Shattering

Riley’s star as a baseball player shines bright in college but he’s lonely & misses his pack until he meets Blake, who demands he experience everything a smart jock should, including her.
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Where Story Matters
The Podcast

We are thrilled to announce
Boroughs Publishing Group is launching a podcast
Where Story Matters®

Starting in June We’ll Have a Podcast Page on our Website

The first podcast will air on June 15th 2021

Each podcast will have 4 segments:

The Interview

The Roundtable

The Editor's POV

The Audience Q&A

The 1st Interview is with:

Susan Mac Nicol

The Roundtable topic is:

Women Writing Male/Male Romance, Kosher or an Affront?

The Roundtable guests are:

David Dawson, Susan Mac Nicol, Andy Gallo, and Sue Brown

All male/male romance authors

From the Editor's POV:

1st episode hosted by John Trevillian

Q & A:

Full-on audience participation

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Example: Hi, I'm Skylar and I'm from the UK. I want to ask Susan Mac Nicol
where she got the idea for the series title Fetish Alley.

We'll send the chosen questions to the appropriate panelists for their response

You’ll be notified if your question is selected, and
you’ll receive $15 in Boroughs Bucks to go shopping on our website

Reader's World

New Feature:
Author Spotlight

Each month we’ll spotlight an author
and share a little something you may not know

Susan Mac Nicol

So here's a leading question: Have you ever been chased by a rhinoceros? No? Well, I have.

You might not know this about me, but before we emigrated to the UK when I was 7 years old, we lived in Kenya for a while. My older sister was born in Nairobi right on the equator.

I remember stunning blue seas and white fine sand so hot my dad had to pick each of us kids up to get us to the edge of the sea. I'll never forget my poor dad having to hop quickly from foot to foot in his flip-flops because his feet were burning.

We lived in a cool, low-slung bungalow in the middle of Malindi. There were cows grazing in the back garden, sunshine all day long, unbearable heat, and I spoke some Swahili, which, sadly, I've now forgotten. We had a lizard who lived in a tree near the house. On the way to the beach, we used to stop and feed it. We thought it was a chameleon – turned out to be an iguana. We had a huge tortoise who lived around the house who we used to ride on.

The house staff used to get up early in the morning, gather up the hundreds of flying ants lying around the front porch where they'd been attracted to the lights the night before. After pulling off their wings, they’d fry them up as a tasty snack. I probably ate them. I don't recall. I say ugh now.

The rhinoceros incident happened when we on our way home from a neighbouring town. The “veld”' as we called it, were the fields of dry grass and sand flanking the narrow dirt roads, and housed plenty of animals running wild, as they should in their habitats.

Mum had a little grey VW Beetle and we think the rhino thought it was a female of his kind. So as we pootled down this dirt road, all us kids could see out the back window was a cloud of dust and an amorous rhino bearing down on the car. Luckily the Bug moved faster than he did, but boy, was it an adventure.

Ahh, those were the wild, wild days....

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From the Editor's Desk

The Reader

The Reader

Writing a book is a big deal. It’s been said, each year over 4 million people in the US intend to write a book, and of them about 250,000 try. Of that group, about 25,000 complete their MS, and of them around 10,000 submit their work to publishers. About 5,000 self-publish, some from the group who didn’t get their work accepted by a publishing house.

Each author is compelled to write. Their reasons are much like snowflakes – they seem alike, but are unique.

The readers – the voracious consumers of words amalgamated into a story – are more alike than different. Sure, some read only Regency, others only police procedurals, but all readers love to get lost in book. Submerged in a story. Consumed by an author’s imagination.

Readers have habits, as all junkies do. Morning before work readers. Lunchtime readers. After everyone in the house has gone to sleep readers. Bathroom readers. Subway readers. Weekend readers.

How many of you were the read under the covers after you were supposed go to bed readers? Or the skip the party – I’d rather stay home and finish my book reader? Troll indie bookstores reader? Love the smell of a library reader? Never have enough shelf space reader? Has a huge TBR pile reader?

All readers seek some form of escape, and come away from each completed story with something they didn’t have before.

We adore our readers, and thank each and every one of you who enjoy our authors’ stories. They’re busy writing new books so you can get your next fix.