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Escapades of a Personal Stylist
Playing at Pretending

Being angry at the world isn't working for Max Cartwright, especially when he's trying to win over the girl of his dreams. But he can't seem to stop himself from fighting with the fiery beauty over every damn thing. To make matters worse, he's hiding who he is, and he knows when Sophie finds out, she'll cut him loose.

Sophie Williams's life is full of adventures she'd rather not have. Being a personal stylist to the rich and pampered isn't all it's cracked up to be. Like the time she walked in on... She can't talk about it. Or the time she had to... Nope, can't discuss that either. She does it all to take care of her sister, and feels guilty about every minute she's away from her.

Which is why spending time with a starving artist who seems to be suffering from a personality disorder is absolutely wrong. One minute he's sweet and charming, the next, he's biting her head off. It's hard enough keeping up with her demanding clients, she doesn't need a man who gives her emotional whiplash.

Nathan Unwrapped
A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery

Nathan Gentael couldn't bear to lose his family's legacy, an old house on the tiny cove of Refuge Bay. He scraped together every penny he could find to buy back the derelict manse, and now he needs investors to help put it to rights so he can create a place for people like him: emotional wrecks in need of a safe place to get themselves together.

Okay, he isn't a wreck, but he has turned his back on his passion, and believes by helping others, he'll help himself. When it seems no one is going to help, a new investor, Jake Reiden, who insists on being called Og, shows up early and inverts Nathan's reality.

Nathan has secrets, but this bull of a man who has more bravado than anyone Nathan has ever met, is harboring mysteries. Dark and closed off, Og is willing to risk investing in the house, but he has conditions, and it turns out one of them is he wants Nathan.

Getting to Know You

Michele James

Animal lover, Vet Tech, beach comber, gardener,
Michele creates worlds filled with strong, saucy women.

The Lion & the Swan The Stallion & the Tigress The Eagle & the Lynx The Stag & the Owl