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Oh, What a Year

The Ideal To Unite a Realm
The Ideal

Nate's world is dark and his only bright light, his only saving grace is Savannah, but when she falls for his brother Jeremy, she leaves Nate without a lifeline & that's something none of them can survive.
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To Unite a Realm

To protect her family, Vera agrees to marry the son of her country's arch enemy only to learn the real villain lies much closer to home.
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The Christmas Salon Fractured The Christmas Bargain
The Christmas Salon

Louisa assumes a new identity & the man she loved many years ago comes looking for her.
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Cass's new lodger is a sexy, surly man who is not the kind of distraction Cass had in mind.
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The Christmas Bargain

A cowboy at Christmas is the last thing Kate needs, especially a smart talking, cover model gorgeous man.
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A Year When We Really Needed Love

If Ever I Fall Heroes in Love Joey The Lion and the Swan
Gin Me Over The Gamble The Telling Touch Jessica's Hero
Finally Burlesque River Breaking Country Merciless
His Scream Queen Hidden Judgement Abandoned Hearts Two's Company
Heart Beat Bradley Never Without You Letti's Second Act
Distant Thunder An Inconvenient Wedding Nathan Unwrapped Always a Princess
A Healing Touch The Forever Weekend Fearless Keeper of the Light
The Stallion & the Tigress Anyone Who Had a Heart Carlos Burlesque on Bourbon
Borrowed Time The Summer We Skipped Woodstock A Secret Gift

Writer's World

Writing Has Always Been Important

“Someone asked me for a painting that needn’t be skillfully executed – an expression

sketch would do. I replied, ‘I talk about writing instead of painting, about ideas instead

of forms, because it is easy to paint skillfully, but hard to express one’s ideas.”

Inscription on ink on paper scroll

by dissident Chinese artist

Yun Xiang (1586 – 1655)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

From the Editor's Desk

Editor's Desk

A New Year

For almost all of us, 2020 was a year full of challenges. Many of you have children who stayed home from school, and with them learned the vagaries of long-distance learning. Some of you are their teachers who had – still have – over 200 students you’re educating in a way no school district was prepared for. Some people stopped going to the office and worked from home – a blessing or a curse depending on their home situation. Some people lost their jobs. Some people started new businesses. Many people caught up on their TV viewing, some watched virtual concerts, and some became puzzle masters.

All our authors are well and thriving,
and that’s an excellent thing to report.

Over the course of this past year, turn-in dates became f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e as in waaay flexible, and release dates got moved, then moved again. Through it all, our developmental editors, copy editors, cover artists, formatters, IT staff, and a host of support people helped keep the wheels turning. We are grateful for and to every one of them. They’ve been indefatigable and fantastic.

We published forty books this year – one of which is an anthology with five stories. Overall, less than usual, but amazing given everything that has happened since March.

We are looking forward to 2021, and are thrilled we have so many books scheduled for release.

Thank you to our readers. You’ve kept hope alive in our authors, and put one of them on the USA Today Bestseller List.

Happy New Year.

All of You Deserve a Fabulous 2021.